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Roc The Barre
Barre fitness classes in Rochester
Testimonials & Press

Client Testimonials
Don't take our word for it, see what our students are saying about Roc the Barre!

"I want to say thank you for everything, barre has seriously changed my life and is the first workout I can honestly say I look forward to. Thank you for all the encouragement and motivation."
January 2015

"There's nothing better for the 'mid-life middle'. I have lost inches from my waist, and have increased strength and muscle tone all over!"
-Christine H.
January 2014

"I am definitely stronger and more lean from taking barre. I love this class! It shapes and tones like no other!"
-Nanci Z.
January 2014

Improvements from our 6 week challenge...
"Roc The Barre has done more for my body in six weeks than two years of boot camp!  It has improved my quality of life in so many ways.  Kerry is a fabulous instructor and definitely has THE hottest thing going in Rochester!"
-Jennifer T.
July 2013

Men have been benefiting from Roc the Barre too!

"I recently began attending classes (just took my 4th) at Roc the Barre.  I was originally “persuaded” by my wife to give it a try as she indicated that it was the hardest thing she has ever done.  I have been an athlete all of my life, but several knee injuries have limited the intensity and amount of training I can do, so I figured I would give it a shot.  The first session was one of the hardest workouts I have ever had, and for the next couple of days I was as sore as I have been in a long time…but by the end of the first class I was hooked.  Don’t be fooled guys, this isn’t ballet, it is a hardcore full body workout that challenges every muscle in your body. 

 While it is definitely hard, it is also fun.  Kerry makes it so you never feel intimidated, but encouraged to push on and get the most out of the session.  All of the people we have met in the classes have been great, and being able find a workout that my wife and I can do together has been awesome.  After only four classes I can already feel a major improvement in my flexibility and core strength.  My legs feel stronger and I have felt no pain in my knees, which was the norm for me with a regular gym routine.  I have already signed up for a 10 class package, and I fully intend to sign up for more after that.  I highly recommend this class for anyone looking to challenge themselves, improve their fitness and strength, and have some fun doing it. "
-Jim R.  Penfield, NY
March 2013

 "Roc the Barre is a new Rochester gem. I've been looking for a barre-inspired workout class in Rochester for several months due to my ballet background and was thrilled when I stumbled upon their Facebook page. The classes draw on ballet, Pilates, and yoga and are perfect for someone like me, who wants a blend of different techniques. They recently moved to their own studio in Village Gate and offer a full schedule of classes daily; unheard of for this area! I am so excited that I can go to class any time of the day! Class sizes are small (important to me), lessons are personalized, and Kerry gives lots of feedback on how to tailor your workout to meet your needs. A ballet or dance background is not needed as the classes are designed with all levels in mind!"
-Lisa E. Rochester, NY
February 2013

Burn Baby, Burn
Roc the Barre owner Kerry has a culinary degree in baking/pastry.  Therefore, she loves this blog post 'Burn Baby, Burn'  from a student whose inspiration for some spicy brownies came from her burn at Roc the barre.  Click here to read about this student's barre experience and how Roc the Barre has helped her, even with her sciatica.

Roc the Barre Press

The Rochesteriat checked us out September 2013.  See what they had to say here!

Her Rochester of the Democrat and Chronicle did a beautiful article on Roc the Barre in April 2013.
Click here to check it out!

Roc the Barre was on 13 WHAM's morning show on Rochester's CW.  Kerry was interviewed and then gave a demo of some moves. Check out the two video clips below!

I Roc Yoga did an article on Roc the Barre February 2013. 
"Barre Meets Yoga in Rochester's Village Gate"  Click here to view it!

"Time to Roc the Barre for workouts?"
by Tom Tobin of the Democrat and Chronicle.  Click here (and then go to page 2) to view the article!


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