Meet me at the Barre

Relevé. Tuck. Burn.

Come join the studio that brought barre fitness to Rochester, NY years ago!

**Please note all classes are now purchased individually and expire April 29th 2016.**


This is not your mother’s ballet class. This is barre fitness.

Roc the Barre is the perfect blend of basic ballet exercises, yoga, and pilates. No dancing involved. No experience necessary.

Roc the Barre technique is designed to effectively strengthen, tone and balance the entire body.  Our method is low impact but high intensity.

At Roc the Barre you won’t find classes crammed with 15+ students. You won’t hear music so loud it hurts. We don’t do juice bars or spas. We put our energy and focus into you and our fitness programs instead.
What you will find here is our barre fit community. We do barre fitness. We do small and specialized. We do attention to detail.
Barre is all we do! No big gym feel here. No other classes cluttering up our studio. No judgement.

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Why sign up for classes?  Everyone must sign up for every class they want to attend online.  You cannot sign anyone else up.  Class size is limited.  If you sign up, your spot in class will be reserved for you.  If no one signs up for a class, then the instructor may not be at the studio. You must sign up for class no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the class.  You must also pay for the class before you sign up for it.  You may cancel online up to 75 minutes before the class if need be.

Class size is limited on purpose. The smaller classes we provide allows our instructor to give more personal attention to the students. Roc the Barre is centered on proper form, and personal attention means you’re getting the best workout possible.

Please review our policies here before purchasing or signing up for a class.

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Barre fitness classes in Rochester, NY.